Established in May 1989, directly participated to the industrial development of Thailand, carrying out some big contracts awarded both from some of most important Thai Clients (Sahaviriya Steel Industries, EGAT, PTT, NSM, TIG, TPI, Thai-Oil, Vinythai) and from international ones (ABB, Austrian Energy, Cegelec, Chiyoda, Dms, Esso, Foster Wheeler, Gcc Alsthom, JGC Corp. Uhde, Hitachi).
Since that time, EMCO has firmly stepped onward as one of the Thai leading contractors in fabrication, erection and plant maintenance.
It has succeeded in various projects for power plants, petrochemical industries, water treatment plants, steel mills, paper mills, oil & gas refineries and other enterprises (e.g. mining, seaport and airport) of private and public sectors.
Firstly the Financial trouble of the previous international partner (F. FOCHI) and later on the Asian crisis obliged EMCO to reduce its standard production volume.
At the end 1999 G.C.C. / A.M. GENERAL CONTRACTOR acquired 49% of Company s share capital. Starting from October 1999 EMCO is reconquesting step by step its natural position on the market.

1. The highest consideration for the human being. Its relationship with others and with the environment
2. The importance of developing human resources to gain personal growth and obtain deep involvement in the Company.
3. The importance of safe working and living conditions and the implementation of specific procedures to obtain such conditions.
4. An openness to change and the determination to keep ahead of time adapting the Company's strategies to the changing scenarios.
5. A transparent economic and financial management.
6. A communication strategy aimed at keeping all interested parties updated with the Company's current and future affairs
7. An open dialogue with local communities on the social issues that the Company's presence might bring forth.